Roundup Aug-1

Lots of good stuff this week. React-redux-universal-hot-example shows how to use Redux at scale for a universal app.

Site-selection-concept is just fun to play with, which is always a good sign:

Bidirectional_Infinite_Scrolling: Thoughts and example on infinite scroll with variable height elements.

clashjs: JS AI Battle game: Turn-based, players move and shoot each other. Great graphics.

mamba: Classic game snake implemented with ImmutableJS, Flux.

mock: Fake data generator - makes emails, names, addresses, numbers.

react-burger-menu: Sidebar component with a collection of effects and styles using CSS transitions and SVG path animations. Great, unique animations

react-custom-scrollbars: Lightweight react scrollbars. IE9+ support, no dependencies.

react-datetime: Date and timepicker. Supports locales, i18n, supports IE8. Controlled or uncontrolled input.

react-frame: React components within an iframe for isolated css styling

react-input-color: react-input-slider: Color input with hsv color picker, preview

react-matrix: Matrix component. Allows data entry and resizing, like a mini-spreadsheet.

react-progress-label: Circular progress indicator with SVG

react-rating: Complete ratings component- readonly, fractional, custom styles or classes.

react-redux-universal-hot-example: Redux universal app using Express API. Custom middleware uses promises, has actions for success/fail.

react-timesheet: Visualize events on a timeline.

react-ui-tree: Tree control with drag/drop. Supports moving folders between levels.

site-selection-concept: Animated top-level navigation. Very fluid. Uses React-motion and Radium.

Soapee: soapee-ui: Soap recipes and oils database. Has user login and editing.