Roundup Aug-17

BurningMan_Art_Guide: Fullstack app with Rails back-end. Scrapes the Burning Man site, lets users plan a tour.

color-contrast: Calculates accessibility contrast ratio, suggests improvements.

Endangered_Birds: Bird database with smooth animations using addEventListener(transitionend). Chart.js radar charts.

KeyFinder: Helps musicians play in key. Go between chords/notes and their scales.

react-medium-editor: Elegant WYSYWIG editor for contenteditable and textareas.

React-motion_reorder_list: Smooth list reordering with react-motion springs. Dragged element comes ‘forward’ with scaling and stronger box-shadow.

react-notify: Tiny notifications library with timeouts, success/error/info. No dependencies, can pass theme.

react-object-inspector: Object inspector, styled similar to Chrome DevTools

react-pacman-progress: Fun progress indicator – animated pacman chomps dots

react-rotation: Shows 360 view, supports wheel, mouse, and touch events.

react-sanfona: Accessible accordion with smooth animations

Shape-interpolation: React-motion + React-canvas, interpolating between shapes