Roundup Aug-31

coinmap: Map showing places Bitcoin is accepted. Maps by OpenStreetMap, Leaflet.

dockunit: Platform for running Docker-Dockunit containerized continuous integration tests

Fisheye: Fisheye distortion effect, similar to D3

GL-react_Spring: Dynamic WebGL shader with react-motion spring. Very fluid.

GraphiQL: IDE for exploring a GraphQL server. Has Typeahead query completion, error hilighting, query results.

Pusher_chat: Chat app using Pusher to track users in chat room. Backend: Python with Flask.

redux-requests: Manages in-flight requests with a Redux reducer to avoid issuing duplicate requests.

Redux_Application_Snapshot: Demonstrates dumping and restoring application (Redux) state. Uses ImmutableJS, Transit-js.

regex-table-filter: Demonstrates filtering with a regex- using ImmutableJS, efficient shouldComponentUpdate with PureRenderMixin.

StackOverflow-Notifications: Chrome extension to see when you receive notifications from StackOverflow

Synched_Flux_Stores: Flux over the wire– drop-in replacement for Flux dispatcher, sends actions to all clients over a socket.