Roundup December 14th

Inbox_Video: YouTube viewer and subscription manager. Handles likes, watched/unwatched. Flux.

input-moment: Lovely Time/Date picker. Powered by MomentJS

Kangaroo: Bookmarks manager with Backbone, vanilla flux. Localstorage, nice fade animations.

muuvie: Movie search app using omdb API. Smooth react-router transitions from search->results->detail pages. Uses as a CORS proxy.

react-expandable-listview: Combination List + Accordian. Uses react-motion for animation.

react-hi-text: Text hilighting. Finds substring matches in arbitrary children, applies a CSS class.

react-ios-switch: On/off switch based on iOS UISwitch. Draggable.

react-motion-menu: Popup hamburger menu with engaging, fun animations.

react-photo-gallery: Image layout in JS. Uses react-images for lightbox. Can use srcset.

react-snowstorm: Snow Effect component for React. Uses Snowstorm under the hood.

react-virtualized: Efficiently rendering large, scrollable lists and tabular data. Beautiful code.

sankey: D3 Faux-dom app to build and read sankey diagrams

space-invaders: Space Invaders in…D3? Uses Flux.