Roundup December 21st

cake-chart: Interactive multi-layer piechart visualization, like a treemap. Uses JSS, CSSTransitionGroup.

Faceted_ecommerce_search: Very fast Faceted search ecommerce demo: uses Algolia search with instantsearch.js react widgets.

react-expandable-listview: Combination List + Accordian. Uses react-motion for animation.

react-infinity-menu: Unlimited deep side menu. Tested with sinon, shallowRenderer.

react-input-enhancements: Useful enhancements to Input: Autosize, Autocomplete, Dropdown, Masking. Pairs well with react-bootstrap

react-motion-menu: Popup hamburger menu with engaging, fun animations.

react-portal-tooltip: Well-done tooltips. Smooth animation between positions. Can customize arrow, positioning.

react-textfit: Fit headlines and paragraphs into elements. Uses binary search to find correct fit. Works with any style- line-height, padding.

reactunes-artwork-finder: ITunes art finder. Uses superagent, vanilla flux.

redux-search: Higher-order Redux library for searching collections of objects. Search is done in a webworker. Can watch, re-index redux stores.

shifted-maps: Visualizes personal movement data showing visited places and their connections. Mapbox, redux. Backend uses Express, Mongoose.

Visualising_a_tree_structure: Blog about writing a tree control-Redux/ImmutableJS for high-performance updating.