Roundup December 28

Faceted_ecommerce_search: Very fast Faceted search ecommerce demo: uses Algolia search with instantsearch.js react widgets.

kinto-admin: JSON-Schema driven UI for editing collections of JSON objects.

react-komik: Comic strip creator using fabric.js canvas rendering

react-password-strength-meter: Ask user for password, give feedback about strength. Uses Dropbox zxcvbn library.

react-redux-test: Demo of a rich filtering UI. User can filter by string, number, date, boolean, list attributes.

shifted-maps: Visualizes personal movement data showing visited places and their connections. Mapbox, redux. Backend uses Express, Mongoose.

sudoku: A simple web sudoku game made with ReactJS and Redux.

tweety: Fun twitter dot portrait. Uses D3 CSV parsing, fisheye lens effect.