Roundup December 7th

fifteen_native: Fifteen puzzle game. Published in Google Play for Android.

OnePager: Page builder for Wordpress. Content blocks, configured with live preview, elegant navigation and UX.

orb: Rich Pivot Table: Grand and sub-totals, interactive config and filtering, drilldown, XLS download

portfolio-redux-app: Portfolio site. Express backend with universal rendering, waits for promises to resolve.

pouch-websocket-sync-example: PouchDB Websocket Demo using React, Redux and pouch-websocket-sync

react-big-calendar: Full-featured Calendar to visualize, add events. Click to add. Has monthly/weekly/day/agenda views.

react-cardboard: VR for Google Cardboard. Renders Mars panorama in stereoscopic 3D. Uses ThreeJS, WebVR polyfill.

react-chatview: Infinite scroll chat or feed component. Hardware-accelerated, avoids onScroll event.

react-redux-cats: Redux example with kitten pics, collect favorites. Uses redux-thunk.

react-text-emoji: Text to Emoji Component.

Reacteroids: Asteroids in Canvas. Does inertia, collision detection, velocity, rotation using Math.sin / cos. ES6 classes.

redux-cropper: Image cropper in redux: rotation, zoom, fixed/dynamic aspect ratio. Uses reselect for intelligent caching. Port from fengyuanchen/cropper.

redux-memory-game: Card-flipping game using redux, functional components, random images.

scalajs-react: React on Scala.js - as type-safe and Scala-friendly as possible