Roundup July-31

Two Tinder swipe implementations this week. The new TodoMVC?

ClashJS is interesting and new, as is FilePizza.

redux-pokedex is a good peek at using Redux for real.

React-stylesheet-generator has good layout/navigation but lacks the DRYness and live editing of component-playground or Demobox.

clashjs: JS AI Battle game: Turn-based, players move and shoot each other. Great graphics.

filepizza: Free peer-to-peer file transfers in your browser, using WebRTC. Alt flux.

minions-tinder: Tinder-like swipe-interface for minions

react-bootstrap-table: Bootstrap-based grid supporting editing, filtering, sorting, row insert/delete.

react-datetime: Date and timepicker. Supports locales, i18n, supports IE8. Controlled or uncontrolled input.

react-json-viewer: Useful tool to render arbitrary JSON data as tables.

react-select-popover: Presents select options as a nifty popover with prepopulated options

react-socket: Wrapper for SocketIO. Invokes callback with payload.

react-styleguide-generator: Generates a style guide showing markup and results.

react-tinderable: Drag left/right implementation. Uses Hammer for touch handling.

react-ui-builder: Graphical UI builder for React apps. Supports react-bootstrap or material-ui components.

react_forms_example: Hand-rolled forms editor talking to a Rails REST API.

redux-pokedex: Simple Pokedex app to start learning Redux

Sharing_Buttons: Generates social sharing buttons with a tiny footprint. Vanilla Flux.

ZingChart-React-Dashboard: Example analytics dashboard using Zingchart