Roundup November 16th

cheapass-ios-app: Price monitoring bot- sends Push Notifications. Monitors Amazon, Flipkart, many more.

cohesive-colors: A tool for creating more cohesive color schemes

react-html5video: Customizeable HTML5 Video: familiar HTML5 video markup, but configurable controls with i18n and a11y

react-selectize: Very complete Select replacement. Custom rendering, tags, groups, filtering, editable value. Written in Livescript.

react-svg-morph: Morphs between two SVG files. Also works on iOS with ReactNativeArt.

react-three-renderer-example: Render into a three.js canvas using React. Demos include dragging, cloth and wind. Can inspect with React DevTools.

react-treebeard: Nicely animated tree view, functional components, can show ‘loading’ during async fetching. Uses Radium, velocity-react.

redux-devtools-bubbles-monitor: An unobtrusive monitor for Redux DevTools. Pops up toasts as actions fire.

twitch-redux: Watch people playing video games..great for brushing up on languages. Uses redux, redux-thunk, redbox-react, normalizr

Yosemite_Weather_Trends: Five-year weather trends in Yosemite, graphed with D3.