Roundup November 2nd

Find_your_Intern: Visualization of student skills in Wellington NZ. Group, color by attribute. Bubble graphs, very fluid.

img2css: Converts an image to pure CSS. Drag and drop an image to convert.

Magic_Playlist: Intelligent playlist creation with preview, based on a song. Spotify API. Fun music discovery, even if you don’t use Spotify.

neal-react: Common landing page components: Founders, pricing plans, Hero, Navbar, CustomerQuotes, Signup, more. Bootstrap 4.

react-icons: SVG icons from Font Awesome, Google Material Design, Typicons. ES6 imports only include icons your project is using.

react-list: Infinite scroll, horizontal or vertical. Translate3D option can reuse DOM items. Items can be different heights.

react-rpg: Lightweight, responsive photo grid. Dynamic CSS.

react-scifi: Sci-fi UI experiment, using CSS 3D transforms. Strangely hypnotic.

react-solitaire: Modern, well-done Solitaire. React 0.14 functional components, Redux, ImmutableJS.

react-speed-reader: Flash words on-screen with adjustable speed.

react-three-demo: Spinning robots using ThreeJS, react-three

react-user-tour: Onboarding tool - give new users a quick tour. Bubble animates between steps.

the-flow-towards-europe: Visualizing the flow of refugees to Europe with D3, PixiJS. Data processing in Ruby.

tinydoc-plugin-react: Documentation generator for React components. Live demos: examples are read from comments. Props are parsed from propTypes.