Roundup November 23th

app-shell-demo: Application Shell Architecture: service worker cache, shows UI shell faster.

cheapass-ios-app: Price monitoring bot- sends Push Notifications. Monitors Amazon, Flipkart, many more.

d3-react-squared-dogs: Multiple charts with synch’d filtering and hiliting.Uses d3-react-squared, redux.

graffiti-todo: Mongoose(MongoDB) models exposed as a GraphQL server. Via graffiti.

i-have-to-return-some-videotapes: Hackathon game with emojis in a grid. Uses Redux, immutable, lodash, funny sound effects.

Instagram_GL_Native: Manipulate images a la Instagram, using fragment shaders with gl-react-native.

react-icheck: Highly customizable checkbox and radio buttons. Supports different skins.

react-menu-aim: Fast, glitch-free ‘mega-dropdown’ menu. Heavily inspired by Amazon, jQuery-menu-aim.

React-motion_Ball_Catch: Sadistic ‘ball catch’ game shows power, speed of react-motion

react-selectize: Very complete Select replacement. Custom rendering, tags, groups, filtering, editable value. Written in Livescript.

react-thermometer: Simple thermometer widget, good for dashboards.

react-viewport-slider: Displays a sequence of contents using whole viewport width and height, like vertical slides. Functional components, smooth scrolling. Elegant mini-map.

RethinkDB_Pulse: Fullstack social app. RethinkDB changes are pushed over sockets. Redux-thunk, Express, SuperAgent. Universal rendering.

Semantic_Edit: WYSYWIG HTML environment for SemanticUI. Meteor, ace editor.

TorontoJS: Elegant content site. Scrapes events from multiple google calendars to show upcoming events.