Roundup November 9th

component-inspector: Handy tool to show components boundaries and live DOM fragment. Can open source file in editor.

Github_card_Codepen: Github user cards fetching data from the Github API, 125 lines.

img2css: Converts an image to pure CSS. Drag and drop an image to convert.

react-collapse: Collapse animation with react-motion for elements with variable (and dynamic) height. Nightwatch e2e tests.

react-graphql-todos: Todo app using GraphQL as data source. Optimistic updates. No Relay, uses GraphQLTransport directly.

react-speed-reader: Flash words on-screen with adjustable speed.

react-split-pane: Split-pane component, can be split vertically or horizontally. Has callback for persisting settings.

react-toolbox: Impressive Material Design implementation. Rich set of components: Autocomplete, Date Picker, Modal etc. Code samples in live Playground.

Recreating_Apple_TV_icons: Parallax icon effect similar to AppleTV. Used Animated, PanResponder.

redux-devtools-bubbles-monitor: An unobtrusive monitor for Redux DevTools. Pops up toasts as actions fire.

sound-redux: Soundcloud client. Uses normalizr+Redux to store entities (songs, users, playlists). Has Likes, playlists. Server in Docker+Go.

soundredux-native: Native (android) SoundCloud audio player. Ported from soundredux web app.

Weather_Map_App: Weather with Google maps, OpenWeatherMap. Geolocation or address lookup.

Yosemite_Weather_Trend: Yosemite_Weather_Trends: Five-year weather trends in Yosemite, graphed with D3.