Roundup October 5th

Apparatus: Amazing Interactive Diagrams: Vector graphics editor combined with dataflow of a spreadsheet.

circuitsim: Interactive circuit simulator (WIP). Uses ramda, redux, react-art.

digitransit: Isomorphic public transit app using Relay. Babel-relay-plugin, Leaflet maps, fluxible, Gerkhin-mocha tests, Coffeescript.

fil: Live code playground for Python, Ruby, Javascript, Brainfuck. Interpreters run as Web workers.

motoparking: Motorcycle parking map. Leaflet maps, fluxor, python/flask/mongo back-end.

React-hacker-news: Responsive Hacker News client with Infinite Scroll

react-native-animated-listview-row-swipe: React native: Swipe a row in a scroll view

react-native-press-and-hold-button: React native: press and hold to fire an action. Button fills up over time, then triggers.

react-prosemirror: Rich text editor. Supports HTML, JSON, plain text, markdown.

React-Resume: Resume (CV) using JSON Resume schema

react-tiltshift: Tiltshift effect for photos - can specify blur radius, aperture, direction. Uses webkit-mask-image.

react-token-autocomplete: Select/autocomplete component. Picklist or free-form. Well tested with sinon spies. Uses radium, lodash.

ReactMotion_puzzle: Puzzle-solving game using react-motion for smooth animation. Very tight code (60 LOC!) using lodash.

relax: Powerful CMS with WYSYWIG component-based editor. Node/Mongo backend. Demo password: demo/demo.