Roundup October 12th

amazon-wishlist-api: An Amazon Wishlist API built with Scala/Play/JSoup

Animated-Video-Slide: Drag currently-playing video to bottom right corner, a la YouTube

Baby_name_inspiration: Beginner example filtering a list of names in real-time

Drum_Machine: Simplified 909 Drum Machine - edit timeline, control playback tempo.

kattappa: Block editor with WYSYWIG text Quill editor, image upload. Supports youtube, instagram, vimeo, vine embeds.

Mancy: Electron based Javascript desktop REPL. Uses reflux, escodegen, esprima.

react-bootcards: Cards: higher order information layout and presentations. Built with bootstrap. Click ‘Documentation’ on demo site…

react-elmish-example: An attempt to understand the Elm Architecture and imitate it with React components. Orthogonal ‘enhancers’ add logging, undo/redo, lists.

react-formly: Forms generator based on angular-formly. Includes conditional hide/show logic.

react-images: A simple lightbox component for displaying an array of images. Clever SVG button, can take custom styles object.

react-swipeable-views: Swipeable views, using react-motion. Demo includes swiping through tabs.

ReactMotion_puzzle: Puzzle-solving game using react-motion for smooth animation. Very tight code (60 LOC!) using lodash.

relax: Powerful CMS with WYSYWIG component-based editor. Node/Mongo backend. Demo password: demo/demo.