Roundup October 19th

Autodesk_viewer: Browse and view 3d models with ThreeJS

facebook-reactions: Popup ‘like’ picker with animated GIFs

gitify: Desktop Github notifier. Icon turns green, or can play sound, upon new notifications. Jest tests.

kattappa: Block editor with WYSYWIG text Quill editor, image upload. Supports youtube, instagram, vimeo, vine embeds.

loldozer: Meme-sharing site with voting. Uses localstorage to prevent showing dupes. Many source types - Youtube, soundcloud, images, video, twitch, videos, Vine, gifs.

Mancy: Electron based Javascript desktop REPL. Uses reflux, escodegen, esprima.

mortgage: Mortgage overpayment calculator using React, Redux and D3. Stateless functional components, elegant binding of Flux actions to form inputs.

react-drive-cms: Minimalist CMS using Google Drive. Has Categories and Articles, Disqus comments. Author and publish from Google Drive.

react-jrate: Rating Component - SVG-based, very complete and customizable.

react-progress-bar-plus: Subtle progress bar for top of page. Can have timed auto-increment.

react-typist: Animate text typing on-screen. Animates arbitrary children. Interesting logic with React.createElement factories.

reactive2015: Reactive2015 Contest Entry: conference schedule, speakers. Twitter integration, MapBox maps, react-motion, Flow.

starhackit: ES/ES7 fullstack starter kit with authentication and authorization. RabbitMQ, Sequelize ORM, Passport, Travis, CodeClimate.

universityjs-react-drone: Flying a Parrot mini-drone (rolling spider). Express server listens on a websocket for instructions.