Roundup October 26th

2048-react: A React implementation of the popular 2048 game by Gabriele Cirulli

codepen_Calculator: Uses event emitter, flux-like store.

facebook-reactions: Popup ‘like’ picker with animated GIFs

FinanceReactNative: iOS’s Stocks App clone. Pulls data from Yahoo finance using fetch. Flux, react-native-simple-store.

floppybox: Flappybird clone using Not much code at all.

react-color-guide: Live Color guide: RGB, HSL conversions. Clipboard copy.

react-icons: SVG icons from Font Awesome, Google Material Design, Typicons. ES6 imports only include icons your project is using.

react-scifi: Sci-fi UI experiment, using CSS 3D transforms. Strangely hypnotic.

starhackit: ES/ES7 fullstack starter kit with authentication and authorization. RabbitMQ, Sequelize ORM, Passport, Travis, CodeClimate.

SVG_Path_Builder: Elegant SVG editor with synched preview, properties sidebar.

velocity-react: Accelerated JavaScript animation with Velocity. VelocityComponent for single children, or VelocityTransitionGroup for child groups.