Roundup September 8

daisywheeljs: Text input for controllers – Steam’s ‘Big Picture’ Daisywheel ported to JS.

gl-react: Complex effects with WebGL fragment shaders that cover a component. gl-react-native implements same API for native.

grommet: UX framework for enterprise apps. Has large-scale components for Dashboards, Login, Search, Meters, many more.

history-of-humanity: Human History based on Wikipedia data, with map and timeline.

marky: Well-done Markdown editor with synchronized preview. Uses redux, css-modules.

Postcss_parts: A searchable catalog of PostCSS plugins

react-file-drop: Drag and drop file uploader. Can drop anywhere on page.

react-tomato-timer: Pomodoro (‘tomato’) time management timer. Also published as an Android app with Cordova.

Remember: Remember: Offline app to remember locations, calculate distances and direction from current lat/long. Tested with tape.

Synched_Flux_Stores: Flux over the wire– drop-in replacement for Flux dispatcher, sends actions to all clients over a socket.

Winterfell: Builds complex, multi-page forms with conditional questions and validation. Good for rich surveys/questionnaires.