Roundup September 14

Colorize_Video: MP4 video with WebGL overlay, rotating hue.

converter-react: Universal (aka isomorphic) app backed by Express. Alt Flux, isomorphic-fetch for Ajax.

gradient-barchart: Simple bar charts with CSS linear-gradient

kitematic: OSX GUI to Manage Docker containers. Downloads from Docker Hub, manages start, stop, configuration and logging.

PennyPlay: Challenge board between friends - transfer a penny via Venmo. Rails API server, JWT auth, text messaging via Twilio.

Periscope_Hearts_Animation: Recreating Periscope’s floating hearts animation. Blog details rotation, opacity, CSS heart shape.

react-git-card: Fetch and display a user’s Github profile as a card

react-joyride: Create walkthroughs and guided tours for your ReactJS apps.

react-page-click: Detect page clicks outside of an element. Useful for modal dialogs.

remotework: Remote job board built with Meteor, React and ES6

setState_async: Blog post, video examining when setState() is synchronous/queued.

Trigonometry_Helper: Elegant UI: Drag items to specify angles in radians.