Roundup September 21

antwar: Static site generator built with React and Webpack. Live reloading previews. Author in JSX or Markdown.

closeheat: Landing page editor: file manager, preview, publishing to public URLs. Uses Github for storage.

election-insights: Sentiment analysis and visualization on all things election. Bubble color indicates sentiment. Alchemy news API for realtime analysis, taxonomy.

fat-file-finder: Desktop (Electron) app to find large files recursively on filesystem. Uses redux, redux-thunk.

gradient-barchart: Simple bar charts with CSS linear-gradient

graphiql-ruby: Demo implementation of GraphQL via graphql-ruby.

react-dilutioncalc: Editor example for dilutions. Has cross-linked edit fields, buttons.

react-evil-icons: SVG icons library, about 70 well-done vector icons.

react-faux-dom: D3 within React the right way: Fake DOM to trick D3 into returning React Virtual DOM. Full D3 API, server rendering.

react-git-card: Fetch and display a user’s Github profile as a card

react-input-mask: Yet another react component for input masking. Monospaced font (Inconsolata). Handles copy/paste cleanly.

redux-game-of-life: Conway’s Game of Life with Redux. Uses react-transform-catch-errors, react-transform-hmr.

Redux_SocketIO_chat: Ambitious Redux app- 7 reducers. Client uses redux with redux-promise Middleware, redux-react-router, redux-persist. Backend is express, mongoose, passport.

Relay_playground: Interactively define GraphQL schema, query with Relay.