Roundup September 28

d3-state-visualizer: Visualize arbitrary data (like app state) as a collapsable tree with hover.

flexboxer: Visual Flexbox Authoring Tool. Edit properties with inspector; see generated CSS and WYSYWIG preview.

graphiql-ruby: Demo implementation of GraphQL via graphql-ruby.

quasar: Video chatroom using Meteor + webrtc + react + flux. Room links are bookmarkable, shareable.

react-coverflow: Coverflow using CSS3 Flexbox styles.

React-motion_input_field: Smooth react-motion animation when editing a text field. Buttons appear smoothly.

react-native-animated-listview-row-swipe: React native: Swipe a row in a scroll view

react-rangeslider: Lightweight HTML5 input range slider polyfill.

react-styleguidist: Style guide with hot reload. Proptypes and defaults are read using react-docgen. Prose is read from Markdown files. Can also build static HTML docs.

react-tiltshift: Tiltshift effect for photos - can specify blur radius, aperture, direction. Uses webkit-mask-image.

redux-form-example: Form components backed by redux-form for unidirectional data flow, stateless components.

redux-game-of-life: Conway’s Game of Life with Redux. Uses react-transform-catch-errors, react-transform-hmr.

sitegen: Static site generator from React components. Hot reload with react-transform-hmr. Markdown supported via Webpack loader. CSS modules for styling.