Roundup Feb 8

AST_Explorer: Tool to explore the AST generated by various parsers. Also parses CSS, HTML, GraphQL. Parsers include flow, esprima, flow, recast, traceur, typestript, uglifyjs

elm-react-component: Wraps an Elm module to be used in a React application.

esnextbin: JSBin-like REPL with Babel, es2015, importing npmjs modules. Uses Gists for storage, Ace code editor.

google-map-clustering-example: Point clustering with smooth animations from react-motion

react-atv-img: Apple TV 3D parallax effect.

react-designer: Editable vector graphics. Very elegant. Includes Bezier editor and blend modes.

react-gridview_examples: Spreadsheet component. Tab, Enter keys work as expected. Uses Canvas, Typescript.

reactjs-conf-2016: Schedule and Speaker details for React 2016 conference. Smooth animations. Trending GitHub repos on Hacker News. Decodes Markdown in a Web Worker.

Tally: Realtime polling in Firebase - ask questions and vote. Facebook login.