Roundup Jan-11

AFrame_Meetup_Example: Building a virtual reality scene using A-Frame, React, Redux and data from Meetup.

bible-redux: Bible browser- move forward/back by chapter. Uses isomorphic-fetch, redux-thunk.

blockbuilder: Very impressive In-browser editor for creating and remixing D3 blocks (gists). Express, Mongo. Keyboard shortcuts, file upload.

Chartist_codepen: Charts with Chartist- SVG, responsive. Uses Modernizr to detect SVG support.

Copland: Music-making experiment- lovely, hypnotic mp3 strings and piano. Create patterns by clicking pitches on grid. Can play in background and evolve.

gitchecker: Shows stats for Github projects-stars, graphs of commits, issues. Elixir, Phoenix backend with Ecto models.

OverReact: Wireframe components and download starter zip files with one click. Choose Express/Hapi, Gulp/Grunt/Webpack.

react-jsonschema-form: Form generation and validation from JSON schema. Includes nesting, arrays. Introduces UI-schema concept to customize widget selection, CSS classes.

react-svgpathplayer: Smooth Animation of an SVG path. Can calculate total path length, current position. Uses snap.svg.

react-swipeable: Swipe bindings- has callbacks such as onSwiping, onSwipingLeft, onSwipedRight

ReactPathMenu: React-motion animation tutorial: recreating the Path menu. Buttons smoothly spin and fly out.

ReactPreview: Media URL previewer. Currently it supports image, pdf and video (mp4, youtube, vimeo).

redux-test-recorder: Redux test case generator- middleware records actions, replays against reducer, asserts results.

SearchKit: Suite of React components that communicate directly with your Elasticsearch cluster. Builds faceted search UI, paginates results.

tldr: Web client for tldr-pages: Simplified and community-driven man pages