Roundup Jan-18

phoenix-trello: Trello clone done in Elixir, Phoenix Framework, React, Redux and Websockets. Edits synch in real-time.

podbaby: Well-done web Podcast client with search, playback. Go backend, Docker, redux-thunk, reselect.

Ramda_Calculator: Well-done calculator. Point-free functional programming with Ramda, expression eval with Math.js. Theme-switching using Radium.

react-chronometer: A simple chronometer, accurate to 1/100th second. Has Start/Stop/Reset.

react-facebook-friends: Rank, quantify your FaceBook friendships based on behavior. Facebook API. Uses es7 async/await, Radium for styles.

React-Leaflet-demo: Brooklyn Subway entrances- Leaflet Map with Tile and GeoJSON layers.

react-redux-sudoku: Classic game. Has Undo and problem solver.

react-resizable-and-movable: Easy resize and move. Higher order component provides callbacks like onDrag, onResize.

react-swipeable: Swipe bindings- has callbacks such as onSwiping, onSwipingLeft, onSwipedRight

redux-test-recorder: Redux test case generator- middleware records actions, replays against reducer, asserts results.

sprint-poker: Collaborative real-time sprint estimation tool. Back-end is Elixir, Phoenix.

todo-react-redux: TODO app backed by Firebase. Can sign in with twitter, google, github.

TR-808: 808 drum machine- draggable Potentiometer dials, rocker switches. Very realistic.